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Increase your solar savings even at night by installing battery storage

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Installing battery storage

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Why add battery storage?

  • If you’re not using all the solar power you generate during the day, you can store your solar in a battery and use it whenever you like.
  • Reliable, affordable and durable; batteries come with warranties of up to 10 years.
  • Compact and slim-line; batteries can be fixed to a wall and tucked away somewhere like a garage or utility room.
  • If your inverter is coming to the end of its warranty period, now could be a good time to decide if you want to add battery storage.

In this example, our family has a 4kWp system in the South East. Because they are out all day, they will use as little as 20% of their solar electricity.

How much they use doesn’t affect how much Feed-in Tariff they receive, but it does affect how much grid electricity they avoid buying.

If they add battery storage, they will use as much as 65% of their solar electricity and this makes a big difference to how much electricity they avoid having to buy from the grid; reducing their bill by a further 48%!

Your savings will vary according to how you use your house during the day.

Depending on the type of battery storage you choose to retrofit, you may lose a small part of your Feed-in Tariff (up to 4%). However, this is technology dependent and we will run through all the pros and cons of installing a particular system.

If electricity bills keep on rising the way they are, adding a battery could make a great addition to your solar system.