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Hello, welcome to our solar newsletter May 2017.  

Coal power plant

April saw a momentous celebration for clean energy in the UK. On April 17th, we experienced our first day free from burning coal (to make electricity) since the Industrial Revolution started over 100 years ago.

What’s caused this? One sure factor is that people are taking positive steps to tackle climate change by installing home solar.

Welcome to the store-age!

We’re now offering revolutionary battery storage, alongside our range of home solar systems.

We believe that the UK is on the cusp of a revolution in the way we generate and store electricity. Analysis by the Renewable Energy Association has shown that 1,500 UK homeowners now have storage.

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How storage batteries work

Battery storage explanimation

During daylight hours your solar panels generate electricity. If you’re home in the day you can use this electricity directly to power your appliances. If you’re not at home, most of what you generate will go back to the grid.

Now thanks to battery technology, you can store the solar electricity for when you get home, when you need to switch on lights, the TV, the kettle and so on. Watch our solar and battery storage video for more information.

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One Saturday, whilst browsing in his local IKEA in Reading, Peter noticed the new solar shop. He spoke with the IKEA team about their solar offer and was pleased by how affordable it was.

Peter says “I researched other solar providers in this area but soon discovered that the IKEA solar offer was significantly better than the rest.”

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Looking for sleek, affordable and reliable solar?

Download the Sunstation brochure and learn about this iF Design Award winning product.

You can buy Sunstation through IKEA, known as their Roof-integrated + offer on the solar calculator.

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