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Solar and battery storage: A new year resolution?

In Germany, most new residential solar systems are now installed with battery storage. And, with prices dropping, the technology is on its way to the UK. If you want to generate your own clean solar electricity, and be able to consume the electricity at night, then consider solar with battery storage.

Solarcentury has been trialling solar and battery storage on homes around the UK; our lucky guinea pigs have been buying up to three quarters less electricity from the grid than they did before getting solar and a battery.

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The greenest Christmas yet

Did you know Christmas Day was a record setter!? It was the greenest day on record for energy generation as more than 40% of electricity during the day came from renewable sources, the highest ever. This is compared to 25% on the previous Christmas Day. As more and more homeowners recognise the benefits of installing solar, we predict the number will be even higher next Christmas. Which will mean even more Christmas lunches will be powered by energy from green sources like the sun and wind!

Sleek, black, award-winning – and built into your roof

Could it be the best looking solar you’ve ever seen? Quite possibly! Since Sunstation launched last Summer, the solar panel system that sits in the roof (rather than on it) has won a hugely prestigious iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 – a globally recognised seal of design excellence. 

British fashion designer Wayne Hemingway MBE was the first to install Sunstation on his unique Sussex home. Well, if it’s good enough for a fashion designer… 

This great-looking built-in option is now available from IKEA.

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The Times misreports energy embodied in solar panels

An article last month in The Times questioned how green solar panels are (“Solar panels less green than you think say experts” published on December 7th 2016). The conclusion was misleading to say the least. Get the facts here.

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