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Increase your solar savings even at night by installing battery storage

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Installing battery storage

Why add battery storage?

  • If you’re not using all the solar power you generate during the day, you can store your solar in a battery and use it whenever you like.
  • Reliable, affordable and durable; batteries come with warranties of up to 10 years.
  • Compact and slim-line; batteries can be fixed to a wall and tucked away somewhere like a garage or utility room.
  • If your inverter is coming to the end of its warranty period, now could be a good time to decide if you want to add battery storage.

In this example, our family has a 4kWp system in the South East. Because they are out all day, they will use as little as 20% of their solar electricity.

How much they use doesn’t affect how much Feed-in Tariff they receive, but it does affect how much grid electricity they avoid buying.

If they add battery storage, they will use as much as 65% of their solar electricity and this makes a big difference to how much electricity they avoid having to buy from the grid; reducing their bill by a further 48%!

Your savings will vary according to how you use your house during the day.

Depending on the type of battery storage you choose to retrofit, you may lose a small part of your Feed-in Tariff (up to 4%). However, this is technology dependent and we will run through all the pros and cons of installing a particular system.

Information we need to produce your quote: 

Please take a look at our checklist to the right and see what key information we will need regarding your system to produce your storage quote. 

Please note: the answers to the first three questions can be found on your MCS certificate that your installer will have provided you with when your solar PV system was commissioned.

  1. The number and wattage of your solar panels (e.g. 16 x 250w panels)
  2. The manufacturer and model of your inverter (e.g. SMA Sunny Boy 3000TL; Goodwe DS3600)
  3. Approximate date the system was installed  
  4. The location of your current inverter and the desired site of the battery unit (e.g. garage or utility)
  5. How you use your home on a typical weekday e.g. home all day, out all day, home after 4pm, home for half the day

If electricity bills keep on rising the way they are, adding a battery could make a great addition to your solar system.